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700 S. Wabash  •  Chicago, IL., 60605




“I finally had the opportunity to visit Legend’s after having it on my to do list for several years now.  I stopped to visit a friend who was in town for a convention at the Hilton and while dining she told me that Legends was a block from the hotel! A BLOCK! And yet we had just taken a 15 minute cab ride when we could have been dining in Buddy Guy’s place.  Needless to say our lunch plans the following day involved going to Buddy’s bar.  The food was awesome.  I had the Gumbo with the best cornbread ever!!  We also had a scrumptious Blackened Shrimp dish. So good :)  Finally, guess who happened to be playing that night?  Yep, Mr. Buddy Guy himself was playing Legends! The show was SOLD OUT however the nice couple we met told us about a place that always had tickets. They were quite expensive but this was something I had always wanted to do and I was doing it!!!  The show was incredible and he played for over 2 hours.  I cannot tell you how cool this place is.  They have tons of blues memorabilia and guitars from everyone who was anyone in the blues scene.  To sum it up, Buddy Guy Legends has  food like you would find in Louisiana and the feel of a real blues club.  I cannot believe I got to see him live.  Great Bar! Great time!  Excellent place to see a show!”            - A. Londros - Wisconsin


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“Real quick, Buddy Guy’s has a great menu and great live entertainment during the lunch hours.  The Catfish Tenders are a must have as well as the Blackened Shrimp.”           - Larry - Chicago  

“Legends is one very cool place.  It’s a big bar & grill while having a great neighborhood hang out feel to it.  The bartenders are really cool and the food is above the other area stops.  When you do go be sure to try the Jambalaya!!”           - Carrie Trevino - Chicago  

“I used to go to Legends back when Buddy had it down the road and this new location is not only bigger, it’s so much nicer.  The walls are filled with great memorabilia as it was before, but the menu and the quality of food seems 10 times better.  I had a Chicken Sandwich that was the Red Hot & Blue and it was so damn good!  SO GOOD!  I don’t remember what Veronica had but I think it was the Catfish Tenders but whatever it was, she ate the entire plate which never happens. Last but not least we had dessert which also never happens however we saw a plate go by and had to have it.  The Chocolate Cake my friends is like nothing you have ever had.  A MUST HAVE!”                                    - D. Connolly - Detroit, MI  

“Killer food! Great Music! Take a trip down the real Blues Music Memory Lane with some great photos and memoribilia!  That my friends is Legends Chicago.”              - Ken Turner - Chicago

“If you’re looking for really good food and live music Buddy Guy Legends is the best place Chicago has to offer.  Our server Myrna was great and suggested both of our meals.  D E L I C I O U S !!! The friendly staff, excellent food combined with the live entertainment makes Legends what it is - The very best Blues club in the entire city of Chicago (or the US for that matter).”             - Phillip S. - Milwaukee, WI

“I cannot even begin to tell you how excited my boyfriend was to learn that Legend’s was literally one block from our hotel (Hilton Chicago).  We made our way over and found the club to be far above our expectations.  I expected more of a gritty blues lounge and it was in fact just the opposite.  Legends is a clean upscale bar with an incredible menu and the nicest staff you can imagine.  What was going to be our first of three planned stops turned out to be our one and only for the entire evening.  The drinks were perfect and the food equally as good.  I recommend everyone tries the Blackened Chicken Sandwich and of course the legendary Jambalaya.  I’m not sure the name of the band that was playing but they were talented to say the least!”                - Tiffany Baker - Dallas, TX

“This is not just any old burger Legend’s serves up.  It’s a big patty with all the fixin’s.  I could barely finish it but perhaps thats because we demolished our ‘Buddy’s Bucket’ order.  YOU MUST TRY IT!  Everything about Legends is great and a quick shout out to Mirna and Chris who were our servers.  There’s a reason Buddy Guys has been around so long and it’s not just the name.  A quick look at the entertainment that plays there and after one bite of your food you’ll quickly see what keeps this place at the top of the list.”        - David Carrington - Chicago

“Legends Chicago is one of my favorites.  I mean where else are you going to go to hear live entertainment during your lunch hour and eat exceptional food?  There are some really good acoustic players that I’ve seen during my lunch hour.  The last one blew me a way with his harmonica and guitar.  I’ve been going to Legends since they were in the old building and it has only gotten better over the years.”         - C. Williams - Chicago

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